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M&M Music Press, LLC was founded in 2018 by composer and music educator Jeff Herwig. Named after his two American-Eskimo dogs, Melody and Maya, Jeff started M&M Music Press as a means to self-publish his music for concert band. In early 2021, the company began expanding to publish works by other composers for concert band, jazz band, orchestra, and more.

What makes M&M Music Press different from other publishers?

We distribute our works exclusively as electronic products that are formatted ready to print perfectly the first time. No scanning or resizing necessary. Let’s be honest - making copies is incredibly time consuming, and, at times, beyond frustrating! In our experience, we've found that music educators preferred the instant access and easy printing experience of electronic copies rather than ordering print copies. Our goal is to make sure your experience is quick and convenient so you can spend less time making copies, and more time doing what matters most - creating music.

Every piece in our catalog comes with the rights to make as many copies as necessary for your ensemble. You purchase the piece, you own the piece. No silly ordering of individual parts when one is lost, or re-ordering a score after you spill your coffee on it.

Composers, why would you want to have your work published through M&M Music Press? In addition to dedicating ourselves to providing music educators with a quality product, we also make sure to take care of our composers! 

As a composer with M&M Music Press, you’ll earn 60% royalties for each piece sold. No shipping, printing, etc. allows us to better compensate you than traditional publishers! You wrote the piece, you deserve to be paid for it.

You also deserve to be paid often for your work. We will send royalty payouts once per month, rather than making you wait once per quarter, or even worse, once per year!

Our goal isn't to reinvent music publishing - just to make it less of a hassle.

Quality. Convenient. Accessible.