Bennette - Gators Cover Template.png

Gators on the Neches

By Kelly Bennette


For Concert Band

Grade 3.5





Composer Kelly Bennette grew up near the southern end of the Neches and Sabine rivers, both of which flow into Sabine Lake near Port Arthur, Texas. Frequently, Mr. Bennette would sail his classic Glastron Alpha sailboat on the Neches River. He would sometimes chase alligators with his sailboat. The gator would make sudden turns and Mr. Bennette would use this as an exercise in sudden sail point and direction changes.


After the introduction, we hear the sounds of a super tanker blowing its horn while underway to the Port of Beaumont. This is in the low brass. The tom tom part represents a motorcycle idling in the parking lot of Port Neches Park. At the same time, we hear the flute and glockenspiel representing the sea gull. We then hear the menacing theme of the gator followed by the bold motif of the sailboat followed by the exciting chase theme. The slow B theme represents the peace and tranquility that can be found on the Neches River and then we return to the A section.


This piece was written to be fun. It would be a fun addition to your band concert!