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Jakob describes himself as a brutalist composer – linking his art to the style of brutalist architecture. As it is often bold, cold, and heavy. He focuses on simplistic yet powerful composition techniques. Often incorporating extreme dynamics and a punkish harshness and simplicity. His music ranges from extremely dissonant to very consonant and is not strictly experimental nor traditional. Whatever he writes he keeps a straight-forward attitude and opposes highly academical concepts. His music is a clear consequence of his background from the underground punk-scene and his continuous experimentation with many forms of art.

He graduated from The Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, Sweden with a bachelor’s degree in composition spring 2021. Previously he has also done an ERASMUS student-exchange to The Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, Poland and studied at the famous music folk-high-school Toneheim folkehøyskole in Ridabu, Norway. His teachers include Rune Rebne, Ole Lützow-Holm, Malin Bång, Dariusz Przybylski and Esaias Järnegard.

Jakob has worked with a number of ensembles, musicians and creators spanning Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, USA, Croatia and England. Including Gageego!, Gothenburg Wind Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble of the Academy of Music and Drama, Titania – singers, Ensemble Matters and Insimul Sinfonietta. He is a member of Ny-musikk komponistgruppe – Norwegian foundation for contemporary music’s group for emerging composers.

He was born and raised in Oslo, Norway but currently resides in Mölndal, Sweden – a small town close to Gothenburg.

Jakob Glans
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