By Josh Trentadue


For 4-Part Flexible Ensemble

opt. percussion

Grade 3

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Meditation and Hymn to Nature was written during a tumultuous series of commissions and projects I had worked on over the past 15 months, ranging from wild and chaotic to dark and terrifying music. The devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic had taken its toll worldwide, especially on each of our collective livelihoods, emotions, and mental health. At the time this piece was finished, parts of the world were in the beginning stages of being able to safely bring back specific activities - businesses fully re-opening, the means to be able to travel again, and live events, especially those for music and the arts.

During all of this, I struggled (and continue to struggle) with clinically-diagnosed depression and anxiety that had been exponentially exacerbated due to the pandemic. At the beginning of 2021, I decided to set for myself different goals that would inherently focus on improving my own livelihood, daily routines, mental health, and myself as a whole. In shaping these personal goals, meditating and sound healing have now become two key components of my life.

This piece is reflective in nature, symbolically shaped in the form of a meditation session. It begins in a dark and lyrical state, progresses into a more turbulent yet fluid current of uncertain energy, and gradually transforms into a calm, healing, and soothing state of mind. Key motivic ideas and sections of musical material inform the structure of the piece, as these are additionally transformed from a disheartened state to a more hopeful and spiritual resolve.

It is therefore my goal with Meditation and Hymn to Nature (and beyond the piece) that those who listen to this work, perform it, or read these program notes will remember this:

You are loved.

You matter.

--- My sincerest gratitude to The _____ Experiment for commissioning this piece.