by Jeff Herwig


For Concert Band and Electronic Accompaniment

Grade 2.5

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A sequel to 2019's "Afraid of the Dark," "NIGHTMARE" is an electroacoustic glance into what happens when we fall in to a dreaded bad dream. "NIGHTMARE" details the journey from the moment we close our eyes and sleep creeps over us, to when our consciousness arrives in the middle of a bone-chilling horror scene, and finally to when we open our eyes the next morning, thankful that it was all just a dream.

In order to accurately convey the events and emotions that take place throughout "NIGHTMARE," musicians will be tasked with performing with contrasting articulations, dynamics, and styles. Attention to balance is a must - not only in relation to the other musicians in the ensemble, but to the electronic accompaniment, which provides tempo and additional textures tot the soundscape which makes up the piece.