Bailey - Planet 411 Cover Template.jpg

Planet 411 and Beyond

by Jason Bailey

For Concert Band

Grade 5





Planet 411 and Beyond follows the continuing adventures of the spaceship Hawkeye through a rough planet

only known as Planet 411. The piece starts in a mysterious forest area of the planet, with many solos echoing

the various foreign wildlife and uncertainty following the crew. Constant motion from the woodwinds further

pushes uncertainty, almost as if they are being watched. The crew is then suddenly attacked, pushing the

music to a furious pace.

The crew succeeds in alluding their attackers, only to find themselves in a deeper portion of the forest with

dangers around every turn. The band is now in 5/8 with a bass line that echoes the dangers around every

turn. The crew finally finds their way into a clearing where they are able to summon the Hawkeye to their

aid and escape.

Planet 411 and Beyond features dissonant harmonies, challenging solo lines, and a great opportunity for

teaching 5/8 and subdivision.