Jones - reflections. Cover Template.jpg

reflections. (2021) 

By Tyler Jones


For Concert Band

Grade 4





reflections. was composed after a long period of illness. After recovering, I found that I felt "new" in many ways. This experience rekindled my lifelong fascination with nostalgia. In particular, I'm intrigued by the way negative things tend to fall away in our memories, allowing us to pine for a past that never was.

In thinking of this, I tried my best to revisit specific memories that were especially redolent of that intangible nostalgic tingle, hoping to remember the events and circumstances as they actually were. I found this to be a rather difficult task, and that is the idea explored in this work. Through the course of the piece, musical materials are recalled but they are never quite the same - a metaphor for the incompleteness of our memories.

Originally composed for a cappella chorus, this piece for wind band is not a transcription or arrangement; in fact, I think it's better to consider it a re-composition, as I allowed myself to experience and consider the musical materials anew. The vast orchestrational opportunities offered by wind and percussion instruments were of particular inspiration, and they largely guided my hand.