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By Josh Trentadue


For Jazz Ensemble

Grade 4





The first time I ever saw Kevin Day playing piano was during an impromptu session one night at a local bar in Chicago. As much as I had known at that point how phenomenal of a composer he is, I quickly learned just how brilliantly gifted he also is as a jazz artist. It was in that fleeting moment that I knew I needed to write a new piece of music for him - something that could exemplify, demonstrate, and bring to life this amazing side of his artistry.

The Dance That Never Was is directly taken from the suite Four Ethereal Planes and is a slow ballad for the moments in life that never happened; the risks not taken, the opportunities missed, and so on. The emotional core of this tune relies on a mixture of longing and sadness - longing for moments that once was, and sadness for moments that never will be. I am incredibly thankful to Kevin for being open to this project and for the opportunity to write this work for him.

I am also thankful to Jordan VanHemert and the Holland Concert Jazz Orchestra for their incredible collaboration with us and bringing this piece to life.