Diab - The Unsquare Suite Cover Template.png


By Wajdi Abou Diab


For Concert Band

Grade 4.5





The Unsquare Suite is a suite of five pieces for concert band, composed as a reflection for the
asymmetrical world that we live in. Based on many Arabic ancient traditional rhythms, the first
movement takes a journey on the 11/8 rhythm called “AL AWISS” with a small introduction, then a lyrical theme, followed with a middle section of 9/8 rhythm (Aqsaq), and back to call the first theme to round up. The second movement is based on the rhythm “Dawr Hendi” of 7/8 meter and has an energetic feeling, featuring a solo for the horns in the middle section. The third movement features a flute choir creating an extraterrestrial mood and functions as an introduction to the fourth movement. The fourth movement starts with an exposition of the theme in 4/4, then turns to the 5/4 rhythm featuring a solo French Horn, then develops the theme through the end of the movement. The fifth and last movement starts with a slow introduction calling an echo from the first movement theme, then takes us on a trip into the Arabic world with an oriental mood theme of 7/8 rhythm that continues to develop until the end, culminating in a Maestoso Coda.